OneID Documentation

Follow our documentation to install OneID in your service and begin onboarding users with bank-verified data.

What is OneID?

OneID® is a unique service that enables people to be in control of their identity online, helping them to secure and simplify their digital life. It works by allowing them to use their existing bank-verified identity with online sites and services that they trust – removing all the fiddly form-filling, delays and identity checks currently experienced when signing up to a service or shopping online.

We do this by following open standards (OpenID Connect) and providing the tools to make adding OneID into your existing services as easy as possible.

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"Relying Party" -->[OpenID Connect] "OneID Platform"
"OneID Platform" --> "Bank 1"
"OneID Platform" --> "Bank 2"
"OneID Platform" -->[Using Open Banking\nand other bank specific APIs] "Bank 3"

User Journey

  1. OneID is setup by including the OneID button into your website or app and creating an oauth redirect handler

  2. Users which select OneID are presented with a choice of supported banks

  3. After selecting their bank the user is redirected to authorize access in their banking app or website

  4. In the app users authenticate to the Strong Customer Authentication standards required of the banks and authorize sharing of their identity data

  5. The bank redirects users back to your website or app

  6. Your service makes an API call to the OneID platform to access the user identity data.

Getting Started

Read about how OneID implements the OpenID Connect Profile standard to get started adding OneID to your service.